New Members-Only Dinner Club in Upper Black Eddy, Sold Out of Tickets in 48 Hours!

The launch of the Members Only Private Dinner Club has finally arrived at the River Clubhouse and it sold out in less than 48 hours.


Longtime friends Larry Caplin and Mike Heridia were planning on opening a private clubhouse for their friends at the former 1821 Steakhouse/Gulch location, and to our benefit decided that we all needed a high quality and different breakfast and lunch restaurant in the area. They decided that if they were going to open a restaurant to the public, it was going to serve the kind of food that they stand in line for when they are in New Orleans. They tracked down Louisiana trained chef, Ian McClain, who understands cajun and creole cuisine and picked a menu that you just can't get anywhere else unless you're in New Orleans.  Six months later, and they finally announced the first of the Private Dinner Club events. People had been signing up at the River Clubhouse to become a Dinner Club Member, so it is no wonder that the event is immediately sold out.  But do not be discouraged, there is still an opportunity for you to join!


Due to the size of the River Clubhouse, the owners plan on limiting the Club to only 60 members. The current members (20 to be exact) will extend offers to fill the remaining 40 member slots with people who they meet at the public dinner events that will be held between October and January.  The owners will open their doors once a month on a Friday or Saturday night to hold these dinners so that they can meet as many of the people who have signed up as possible before extending member invitations.  Private dinners for Club Members will feature special guest chefs from near and far.  If you want to be considered or put on the waiting list, please do not hesitate to sign up for an email invite to the next dinner via the sign-up sheet at the restaurant.


The restaurant has already attracted food critics and foodies from all over Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York who all proclaim that the food is absolutely delicious and is as authentic as can be. Facebook and Google are loaded with 5 Star Reviews of this place.  “We can’t believe how fast the word has spread! We wanted a Clubhouse for our friends, and now we cannot believe how many new friends we have met at the restaurant”, said co-owner Dr. Larry Caplin. The owners of the River Clubhouse knew that they were going to bring something new and exciting to the area. And now the time has finally come for them to do what they always envisioned and open a members only dinner club and event space. “When customers are emailing, calling and begging you to open for dinner, you’ve got to listen! says co-owner Mike Heridia.


Chef Ian McClain and future guest Chefs are sure to please. So make sure you come by for breakfast or lunch and sign up to receive an invitation to future dinners, dates TBD. Member slots will go fast, and once the 60 member slots are filled the only way to become a member will be for one of the existing members to leave! You don’t want to miss out on this!  The regular menu and the current Dinner Club menu can be seen at


River Clubhouse is open to the public from Friday- Sunday 8am-2pm for brunch and Friday and Saturdays from 4pm-9pm for dinner. The venue is also available to rent for a special engagements, weddings or private parties. We also offer catering and can deliver right to your home. 

1821 RIVER RD.    UPPER BLACK EDDY, PA 18972    (610) 556-2060


Friday Brunch 8:00am-2:00pm

Friday Dinner 4:00pm-9:00pm


Saturday Brunch 8:00am-2:00pm

Saturday Dinner 4:00pm-9:00pm


Sunday Brunch


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